Too Much Sugar!!!!!

Popular Soda Can Have Staggering Amounts of Sugar Popular Soda Can Have Staggering Amounts of Sugar

Let's Just State the Facts and You Can be the Judge when Thinking about Guzzling Sugar-Based Drinks.

* There are roughly 5 grams of Sugar in 1 Teaspoon.

* A 20 oz bottle of Mountain Dew has 77 grams of Sugar.

* There are around 15 Teaspoons of Sugar in a 20 oz Mountain Dew.

* In addition Mountain Dew has about 40% more Caffeine than Coke.

* A 24 oz Sweet Tea has 72 grams of Sugar.

* A 16 oz Rockstar Energy Drink has 62 grams of Sugar.

* Oral Bacteria Thrive on Sugar and produce high acid levels as bi-products (waste).

* High Acid Levels of Bacteria Eat Away and Decalcify Enamel.

* Decalcified Enamel can form White Marks on Teeth and Eventually Cavities.

* If you choose to drink sugared drinks, it is better to not sip them over long periods of time.

* Choose water instead.

* Is excess sugar consumption worth creating a happy colony of bacteria in your mouth that uses your teeth as a trash can?

* Seeing a Quality Dentist on a Regular Basis Can Be a Really Great Investment on Your Health.

* If you want to Become a Patient at Happy Valley Orthodontics, Good Oral Hygiene is Essential for us to Orthodontically Treat You.  I Suggest an Orthodontist that Highly Respects Good Oral Hygiene.  It is For Your Own Good.